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Traffic Offenses How Do Traffic Tickets affect me & how can Mr. Vonderau help?

Consequences of Traffic Tickets

  • Traffic Tickets can result in your insurance going up substantially for the next 3 years
  • Traffic Tickets Can add Driver's License points to your license. Once you reach 12 or more points in a three year period, the Department of Motor Vehicles can revoke your license
  • Traffic Tickets can result in fines, court costs, and in some instances jail

What can attorney Chris Vonderau do for me?

  1. He can often go in your place, saving you the time and aggravation
  2. He can often get your ticket reduced or dismissed
  3. He can help keep your insurance from going up
  4. He can give you "peace of mind"

Which counties does he serve?

  • Brunswick County
  • New Hanover County
  • Pender County

Schedule of Driver's License points

5 Points

  • Passing a stopped school bus

4 Points

  • Reckless Driving (Misdemeanor)
  • Hit and run, property damage only (Misdemeanor) (If personal injury = Felony)
  • Following too closely
  • Driving on wrong side of road
  • Illegal passing

3 Points

  • Running through a stop sign
  • Speeding in excess of 55 miles per hour
  • Failing to yield right-of-way
  • Running through red light
  • No driver's license or license expired more than one year
  • Failure to stop for siren
  • Driving through safety zone
  • No liability insurance
  • Failure to report accident where such report is required
  • Speeding in a school zone in excess of the posted school zone speed limit

2 Points

  • All other moving violations
  • Failure to properly restrain a child in a restraint or seat belt

1 Point

  • Littering (G.S. 14-399) involving use of motor vehicle

0 Points

  • Seat Belt Violation
  • Improper Equipment/plates/registration/muffler/inspection sticker display

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