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Don't be a victim of guardianships-- as a senior citizen, you can be vulnerable to the tactics of those (family or not) that are interested in your money. You can't assume everyone has your best interest at heart, it's a dangerous world and not everyone is what they seem. Relatives may attempt to receive legal guardianship over you which is something we can help with as this may not be the best course of action. Whether you're well, disabled or incapacitated, we're here to ensure that your wishes be carried out, as they are most critical to you.

Your rights are to be protected if you have been placed in a nursing home or other facility and issues have arisen. Guardianships can be complex and convoluted-- protect your rights by having an experienced attorney there to guide you. Just because you're getting old doesn't mean you have to hand over your rights. Always consult with an experienced lawyer with your issues and questions about guardianship.

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