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As misunderstood as contracts are, they are the most commonly in violation with the law.The concept of a contract is designed to protect your best interests and it's important to learn how to tell if a contract qualifies as a legally enforceable agreement or not.

You should always have a lawyer look over a contract on your behalf because of all the possible circumstances and scenario's that could affect the paperwork. There are many point to keep in mind when signing a contract or having it reviewed. The basic tenets of a contract is the concept of mutual consideration which means that each party must be receiving something of value, such as property or tangible goods, where the other party would receive money, perhaps.

You must pay close attention to the language and terms of a contract as it could make it very easy to breach. Oral contracts use rules quite different than paper ones such as not being enforceable by law. Always check with an attorney to determined whether or not your oral contract will hold up in a court of law. If at all possible, always try to have a written contract to protect yourself from such issues so that your rights may be more adequately protected as well as be much more thorough and specific.

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